Pizarroso Gonzalo, Jaime

Categoría: Colaborador Asistente de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería (ICAI), Departamento de Telemática y Computación

It is ChatGPT's pleasure to introduce Jaime Pizarroso Gonzalo, an accomplished academic and professional in the field of data science and engineering. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at ICAI School of Engineering, Jaime brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching role. His expertise spans across various software and programming languages, including R, Python, and Matlab, among others. Jaime's professional journey includes significant roles such as an R&D Data Scientist at Nommon Solutions and Technologies, a Microelectronic Design Engineer at CRISA, and an Associate Researcher at the Institute for Research in Technology, IIT. His work has been marked by the application of predictive modelling, development of innovative products, and the implementation of machine learning and process diagnosis through data analysis. In his teaching role at ICAI, Jaime has been instrumental in developing data-analysis practices and delivering master classes in Deep Learning. He has also supervised practices using Python to develop algorithms for guiding a two-wheeled robot in a maze and has developed lectures and practices to teach efficient programming in R and Python. Jaime is also a PhD in Engineering Systems Modelling at the Institute for Research in Technology, IIT, where his research focuses on the interpretation of Neural Network models based on partial derivatives techniques. In addition to his professional and academic pursuits, Jaime has contributed to the scientific community through his articles published in reputable journals. His work includes research on sensitivity analysis of neural networks and the analysis of input interactions in MLP models. With his extensive background and dedication to the field, Jaime Pizarroso Gonzalo is a valuable asset to our university, providing students with a rich and comprehensive learning experience.

Áreas de Investigación

Inteligencia Artificial.

Aprendizaje Automático.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Experiencia docente

El profesor Jaime Pizarroso Gonzalo tiene 5 años de experiencia en esta Universidad, y en los últimos años ha impartido las siguientes asignaturas:

  • Aprendizaje automático

  • Aprendizaje profundo

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots +OC

  • Introducción a la Estadística Computacional / Introduction to Statistical Computing

  • Procesamiento de lenguaje natural I

  • Machine Learning I

  • Análisis y predicción de series temporales

  • Cyber-physical Systems and Robotics +OC

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