Villegas Galaviz, Carolina

Categoría: Investigador en formación de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (ICADE), Departamento de Gestión Empresarial

Carolina Villegas-Galaviz is a Ph. D. student at ICADE, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, in the Doctorate Program in Business and Regional Competitiveness, Innovation, and Sustainability. She is a researcher at the Iberdrola Chair in Economic and Business Ethics, where she works as a research coordinator. Previously she worked as a research assistant for IESE Business School. She received a master’s degree in Organizational Government and Culture from Universidad de Navarra and also holds a double degree in Philosophy and Communication from the same university. Carolina won the Society for Business Ethics Founders’ Award in 2020. Her research interests are about Business Ethics, Ethics of technology, AI Ethics, Stakeholder theory and Ethics of care.

Áreas de Investigación

Business Ethics.

Ethics of Technology.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics.

Experiencia docente
La profesora Carolina Villegas Galaviz tiene 3 años de experiencia en esta Universidad, y en los últimos años ha impartido las siguientes asignaturas:
  • La Gestión Empresarial en el siglo XXI

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